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A personalized learning journey for each child.
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Model United Nation
Student Handbook
RVIS Code of Conduct
Dolphin Athletics, Ride the Wave!
The RVIS Dolphins Athletic Program has gone from strength to strength with increasing numbers of students choosing to represent the school in competitive leagues. We have age group teams starting in Elementary School, as well as Under 13, Junior Varsity (Under 16) and Varsity teams.
School Athletics

The RVIS Dolphins Athletic Program has gone from strength to strength with increasing numbers of students choosing to represent the school in competitive leagues. We have age group teams starting in Elementary School, as well as Under 13, Junior Varsity (Under 16) and Varsity teams.


The school competes in variety of sports, including Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Tennis, Badminton and Swimming.


RVIS is a member of three leagues:


  • PSL (Primary Sports League)
  • BPSSL (Bahrain Private Schools Sports League)
  • OASIS Activities Conference

Our student-athletes model our school mission with Respect, Honesty and Responsibility and we intend to carry on this tradition with our students continually growing and achieving. Our coaches and students come from a variety of backgrounds and this international approach enhances our programs and the experience of being an RVIS Dolphin. Every member of the coaching staff is passionate about their sport and continues to maintain the highest possible standards.


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The RVIS Code of Conduct

The following guidelines form the basis of all the rules established at RVIS.

  • RVIS students respect themselves. They are honest and honorable in their actions at school and with others.
  • RVIS Students respect others and the right of everyone to be able to work and learn in a safe, caring and supportive environment. They are kind, considerate and thoughtful. RVIS students support and help others.
  • RVIS students respect the environment. They take care of their school and their planet, and respect the property of others.
Download Student Handbook
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Performing Arts
The performing arts are a vital part of all students’ education. Theatre and music not only allow for a creative outlet but students build self-confidence through the study of character development and performance in front of their peers and the school community. The study of performing arts had been shown to increase students’ language skills and development, their public speaking abilities, and their enjoyment of the school day in general.
Performing Arts

At RVIS, Middle School students are exposed to both music and theatre. Sixth grade students take a generalized music class, in which they explore music history and creation, they study theory, and they learn to play the guitar and sing in a choir. Seventh grade students participate in Creative Dramatics- a class designed to introduce them to many aspects of dramatic performance. This class allows students to explore imaginative play, Readers Theatre scripts, puppet-making and improvisation techniques. The eighth grade students combine what they have learned in sixth and seventh grade while participating in a Musical Theatre class. They not only learn about the history of New York’s ‘Great White Way,’ and London’s West End, but they have the chance to explore various roles in the theatre.


In High School, students are able to choose between Theatre and Art as an elective. In Theatre, students perform monologues and scenes in various styles. They explore the history of theatre, going back as far as the Greeks through to modern day performances. Students analyse scripts and do research to determine a characters background and motivation.

The performing arts are a vibrant and exciting part of the RVIS community.

Performing Arts Performing Arts
Student Government
The purpose of High School Student Government is to ensure that students have a voice in our school and are represented by effective leadership. This group of dedicated students gives consistent time and attention to student concerns and questions, discusses relevant topics with faculty, and runs the high school assembly on alternate weeks. Student Government is excellent preparation for growing leadership skills that easily translate to academic and career success and university involvement.
Student Council
Community Outreach
The concepts of respect, tolerance, concern for other, integrity, honesty and selflessness are woven into everything we do at RVIS. Our students are encouraged to become positive, ethical global citizens contributing locally and globally to the world around them. Every student is actively involved in service learning and community service, participating in many meaningful, charitable projects such as raising funds for Think Pink, Terry fox fundraiser, BSPCA and RIA Centre for children with special needs.
School Community
Model United Nation
Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. In MUN, students play the role of ambassadors to debate current issues on the agenda. Student ‘delegates’ make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the Model UN conference rules of procedure - all in the interest of promoting international cooperation resolving world problems. This year our RIVS Model United Nations team will attend five on island weekend conferences and travel overseas to participate in an international event. The MUN Team looks forward to participation and leadership in 2016/17.
Model United Nation
IB Program
Greg Sipp
Mr. Greg Sipp
Message from the IB Coordinator
The RVIS staff is committed to your students’ success throughout their IB journey. Students’ course advisors, the Secondary Counselor and IB Coordinator will act as advisors on behalf of all IB Diploma participants. We will be working with students to determine their university choices and give our personal best to help them understand their chosen university requirements.
IB Program
What is the IB Diploma Programme?
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is an academically challenging and balanced course of study that prepares students for success in university and life beyond. The mission of the program is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better, more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
Benefits of the IB Diploma Programme
Universities recognize the outstanding qualities of IB Diploma Programme students. Typically, diploma holders are ready to debate real-world issues from an international perspective and to provide leadership and support in the local and global community. They demonstrate a capacity for in-depth study while maintaining a broad perspective of the different subject areas. They are able to ask challenging questions but also know how to research a topic and express their opinion.
  • Higher university and college acceptance rates for IB graduates than for total population applicants
  • Increased scholarship and grant opportunities
  • A college level academic program that transitions students to university and college standards
  • Interdisciplinary instruction to encourage international-mindedness
  • Fostering of lifelong learning
RVIS IB Course Offerings
  • Group 1

1. English A: Language and Literature - SL and HL
2. Arabic A:Language and Literature - SL and HL
3. School Supported Language A-Literature (Self Taught) – SL

  • Group 2

1. Arabic B: SL and HL
2. Arabic ab initio: SL
3. French ab initio (online) SL
4. Mandarin ab initio (online) SL
5. Spanish ab initio (online) SL

  • Group 3

1. History: SL and HL
2. Economics SL & HL
3. Business and Management (online): SL and HL
4. Int. Tech. in a Global Society: (online) HL & SL
5. Psychology (online) HL & SL

  • Group 4

1. Biology SL and HL
2. Chemistry SL and HL
3. Physics SL and HL

  • Group 5

1. Math Studies SL
2. Math SL
3. Math HL

  • Group 6

1. Visual Arts SL and HL
2. Film (online) SL

Message from the IB Coordinator
What is the IB Diploma Programme?
Benefits of the IB Diploma Programme
RVIS IB Course Offerings

If you are planning to participate in the IB Diploma Programme, RVIS has a very dedicated and supportive environment to assist your child to achieve their goals. We have an experienced well trained staff that will advise your student through each step of the process. The teachers at RVIS are highly qualified. Each teacher also holds at least one IB training certificate in their subject area, as well as years of experience and degree qualifications. Many of our teachers are IB examiners.


The IB Diploma program is a two year program that begins in the 11th grade and concludes at the end of students’ 12th grade year. Preparation for the Diploma Programme at RVIS begins in the 9th grade and continues through 10th grade. Therefore, by attending RVIS high school as a freshman, students will have two full years of Pre-IB training before beginning the program in the 11th grade. Heavy emphasis is placed on research essay writing, experimental science laboratory experience, mathematical preparation, second language development, social science knowledge, and development in the arts.

Our Graduates - Class of 2016
Anas Alawa
Alanood Al Khalifa
Ali Shaat
Anas shares his experience of participating in competitive sports at RVIS.
Since the 9th grade, I’ve participated in as many sports as I can. Namely, basketball, volleyball, and even football. I’ve always considered myself an athletic person and have always enjoyed playing any sport. Not to mention, I previously played competitive volleyball in Canada which was another incentive for me joining the volleyball team. I’ve participated in multiple tournaments among private schools in Bahrain and we’ve won many medals such as silver in basketball, bronze in volleyball (though gold in our region of Bahrain), and many more. We’ve always had people who excelled in a certain sport and that increased the diversity in our school. Overall, I recommend future seniors to take sports seriously because they could easily give an advantage over other students, when it comes to university applications.
Anas Alawa Class of 2016
Alanood planned and initiated RVIS's first ever MUN conference.
Since 9th grade, I have participated in almost 20 Model United Nations conferences, both national and international, taking roles of a delegate and a chairperson. I remember my first ever conference was one of the biggest ones in the world, which was THIMUN Qatar. I was in a council consisting of 98 delegates, and I was the youngest. As they were asking if anyone wanted to speak, I unknowingly raised my placard and was chosen. Debating the topic of the Palestinian question, I got up and spoke about my assigned country, Iraq’s, view on this issue. Since then, I have achieved numerous awards labeled best speaker, most diplomatic, and best delegate. As the years continues and my passion rapidly increased, I planned and initiated my school’s first ever MUN conference, being chosen for the role of Secretary General. Whilst planning this conference, I learned the value of leadership, collaboration, and hard work. These characteristics are what I believe will make me a balanced, principled, and judicious lawyer; one I hope to be.
Alan0od Alkhalifa Class of 2016
Ali talks about the IB Options and his participation in CAS projects
CAS has helped me become a more balanced individual. It pushed me to try and balance my hours between creativity, action and services. It allowed me to give back to the community, and helped me reflect on myself and actions. I have done many activities throughout my IB career, but I believe the most important one at of all the activities has to be my CAS project, in which I created the very first Time Capsule for our school. It was meant to be a legacy project where we, the Class of 2016, will be remembered as the first graduating class of Riffa Views International School. This was the very first time that I tackled an activity with this much importance. Collaboration and communication between my peers was indeed imperative to ensure the overall success of this project and I am glad to say that it worked out perfectly.
Ali Shaat Class of 2016