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School Calendar 2016-2017
School Calendar 2017-2018
Nurse's Corner
School Calendar 2016-2017
Parents are a very important part of our school community. We value your contributions and depend on your support with regards to your childrens' education. Parent communication is an ongoing priority at RVIS. This website is intended to provide a portion of that communication. Please see the Parent Calendar as well as other links in this section to help you and your family be informed about the events and activities of the school.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us. We are always attempting to improve our website and the ways it can be used to improve communication between the members of our school community.

  • School Calendar
  • School Calendar
School Calendar 2017-2018

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us. We are always attempting to improve our website and the ways it can be used to improve communication between the members of our school community.

RVIS School Calendar , Riffa Views International  School Calendar
Nurse's Corner
Hi! My name is Sam Browne (RGN, RM) and I am Riffa Views School Nurse. My hours are from 7.45-3.30pm Sun - Thurs. If a child becomes ill, the parents will be called, so please keep 'phone numbers current with both myself and the school office. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child's health issues, please call me directly on: 16565013 or send me an email at: I look forward to working with you and helping our students and staff stay healthy!
Sam Browne Nurse RVIS

Health Record & Emergency Contact Forms

In order for me to take the best possible care of your children it is very important that you provide RVIS with up-to-date information on anything that might affect their health. This includes any allergies or medical conditions that your children may have and any medications that they may require. Please ensure that you complete and return a Health Record form and an Emergency Contact form to me prior to the first day of school. If you do not have these forms please download and print one from the above links, or collect one from our Administration and Admissions offices.

Powerschool Access Guide
Parent Handbook
Meals, Transportation & Uniform
Healthy Calorie
Healthy Calorie
Healthy Calorie™ Corporation is a Bahraini food and beverage company owned by Harvard Capital which is a holding company specialized in private equity and consulting services. Harvard Capital is a registered company in Kingdom of Bahrain under commercial registration # 77024/03. The current investments are distributed across real estate, Food & Beverage and accountancy services.
School Bus Transport
School Bus Program
Al Hutaim Transportation and Tourism Company, a contracted transportation company, provides a convenient and professional bus service for RVIS students. RVIS children using the bus service must wear a seat belt at all times and no child will be seated in a jump seat. Al Hutaim provides a morning pick up arriving at RVIS between 7:45 am and 7:55 am, and the choice of three afternoon departures from school. The first departure time is at 1:50 pm for Pre-K and Kindergarten, and the regular school departure time is 3:15 pm. Children participating in the After School Activities program can opt for an optional 4:15 pm departure. Rates, information and the application form are linked below. Questions should be referred directly to Al Hutaim Transportation and Tourism Company.
House of Uniforms
School Uniform
The RVIS school uniform is designed to provide choice for RVIS students while at the same time ensuring that RVIS student dress reflects well on the school and conforms to the cultural and social norms of Bahrain. Students are expected to wear the school uniform at all times at school, or when attending school activities out of school. Students who arrive to school not wearing their uniform may be required to go home and change. All RVIS uniforms must be purchased at the House of Uniforms in Al Ali Shopping Mall (beside Seef Mall); Telephone +973 1773 0650. The House of Uniforms opening hours are daily from 10:00 AM am to 9:00 PM pm.
School Bus Program
School Uniform

Healthy Calorie™ (founded in 2008) is a Trademark of Harvard Capital. Today it operates in six locations across the Kingdom of Bahrain (Juffair, near the American base, Bahrain Financial Harbor, Manama, Almoyyed Tower, Seef, Economic Development Board, Seef, Ernst and Young training center and Riffa near The Walk).


Healthy Calorie introduced fast casual dining and quick service concept to Bahrain, initially distinguishing itself from other restaurants by taste, quality, and customer experience, while focusing on fresh and healthy food. Healthy Calorie™ locations serve fresh sandwiches and salads, wholegrain rice & noodles, fresh juices, healthy quesadilla’s, wraps and natural fresh juices. Healthy Calorie


Please follow the link below to either pay or top-up your child's account.

Online Payment Portal

  • School Lunch Program
  • School Meal
  • School Lunch Menu

Al Hutaim can also provide bus service to and from Saudi Arabia for students enrolled in RVIS. Additionally, transportation for children to and from school by private car is available for parents wishing to avail themselves of this option. Rates for these services are available upon request from Al Hutaim.


Please note that the Al Hutaim bus service is not a service provided directly by RVIS. Parents wishing to use this system will contract with Al Hutaim directly. Any concerns or questions regarding the bus service should be forwarded to Al Hutaim at one of the following:


  • Mobile: (973) 3656 2644
  • Office: (973) 1740 4603
  • Jassim: (973) 3946 9951
  • Email:

Please click on the link below to learn more about the Al Hutaim bus service and download the RVIS Al Hutaim bus service contract.

Click to download the file.

General Uniform Guidelines


All uniform items that have belt loops must be worn with either a black or brown belt. The uniform should be worn as intended. Waistbands should be worn at the waist. Knee length skirts should be worn in the vicinity of the knee. Ripped, frayed or otherwise un-presentable uniform items should be replaced. To prevent loss, all uniform items should be clearly labeled with the student's name.




RVIS students should wear white, black or brown rubber soled shoes or running shoes to ensure safety on the playground equipment. Flip Flops, sandals, crocs, platforms, CAT boots or any shoes with steel toecaps are not allowed.




There are two styles of the RVIS uniform hat; a wide brim hat and a cap, either of which may be worn by both boys and girls. An RVIS uniform hat must be worn by elementary children at all times while outdoors on the school campus. Hats must be removed when re-entering school buildings.


Physical Education


Beginning with the third grade, students are required to wear the school's physical education uniform for their P.E. classes. The PE uniform is a grey "t" shirt with the RVIS athletics on the front and navy blue tracksuit pants or shorts, with running shoes. The P.E. uniform may not be worn in regular classrooms.


Swimming Uniform


All grade must wear RVIS navy swim shirts and RVIS blue swim shorts.


Winter Uniform


The winter uniform includes a v-neck, navy blue pullover with RVIS badge attached and fleece zip up jacket with RVIS badge attached. Please note that these are the only sweaters and fleece jackets that students may wear in classrooms.


The RVIS Uniform is available for purchase from the House of Uniforms in Al Aali Mall.



House of Uniform’s sizes could vary from the previous supplier due to the use of different sizing system. For example, size 8 in the previous store could be size 14 in the House of Uniforms.


Click to download uniform prices.