Field trip to the Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center

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Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center

On Sunday, the 26th of March, the eleventh grade class visited the Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center. The purpose of the trip was to cover one of the key components in the IB Arabic B curriculum and to explore what services are offered for people with disabilities in Bahrain.
The center has both a school and workshops to help people acquire skills necessary for future jobs. There were five different workshops, gardening, woodworking, another form of carpenter work, computer science, and finally for the more severe disabilities, simple cutting and glueing exercises.   

Here are some of the students’ response on the trip:
Zubair:  This trip was a really informative experience. My classmates and I learned a lot about how the disabled can still learn and be a working part of society. 

Jumana Dawd: This trip changed my perspective towards the disabled community. It proved to me that disabled people, when given the chance, can achieve so much more than what we expect of them. As a community we have the responsibility to acknowledge their place in society and cooperate with their abilities that may exceed our limits. 

Isa: The trip was eye opening. When we see a disabled person on the street, we usually don't even think twice about their situation and what they're going through, but through this trip, I now understand the hardship they might be facing, and be more compelled to help them out however they need it.

Salman Algosaibi: After having previously visited a disabled center in the past it was great to experience it a second time. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with kids and observing their work. As we were returning to school I knew that I had established a euphoric memory that will last forever.

Maryam: The field trip to the Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center was an astonishing experience. We learned a lot about the people in the center and got to know some of them, such as Abdullah, a nineteen year old boy with Down syndrome who is very outgoing and social. I now know the importance of offering special facilities to help these disabled with their everyday lives.

Dana: The trip that we went to was a very heartwarming experience.  When meeting some of the people, we learned that even if a person suffers from a disability it would not prevent them from having a great personality. I became more aware that if a person has a disability, they can still be part of society if they were supplied with the right services and equipments.

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Dima Abusinneh and Rania Elias