IB Celebration

Submitted by emariano on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 13:21
IB Program

Sunday was a day of celebration. Not only did we welcome a new board member to RVIS, we also took time to celebrate our 2016 graduates and their teachers. It was through their dedication and perseverance that RVIS was able to achieve extraordinary results with our first graduating class.

The IB program is one of the most rigorous high school programs for both teachers and students. As individuals, it requires a tremendous amount of dedication, planning, and perseverance. As a community, it requires a culture of support and dedication by all participants. Last year our graduating class and their teachers demonstrated all of the before mentioned, which resulted in every IB candidate receiving their IB Diploma and achieving above world average IB scores. To all of our 2016 graduates we are proud of what you have achieved and to our IB teachers both last year and this year, we are honored to have you as RVIS educators.

As our Seniors continue with their mock exams this week, we want you to know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed. we are their with you and proud of what you have done so far, and look forward to celebrating your success in the near future.

Now we know many of our Seniors today are in the midst of the IB mock exams, and we want you to know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate your continued effort and are excited to celebrate your successes in the near future.

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