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Message From The Admissions Coordinator
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Message From The Admissions Coordinator
Thank you for your interest in enrolling your son or daughter at Riffa Views International School. RVIS is considered home for families who live in Bahrain or commute across the causeway. We take pride in our continued effort to create an environment where students from all over the world can thrive and feel at home. Deciding on the right school for your children is an important decision that requires time and research. We encourage you to check out our website to see if RVIS is the right fit for your family. I recommend you take a look at the "Our Faculty" section and read the short bio’s from our well-trained faculty, or pursues the "latest new" to read what RVIS is up to.
Ken Davis
Mr. Ken Davis, Admissions / Marketing Coordinator

Riffa Views International School continues to accept inquiries from prospective students for the current school year, as well as for those in the future. You are invited to stop by the Admissions Office to pick up an admissions packet and take a short tour of our amazing facilities. You can also download the application forms and send the forms electronically.

It is important to note that RVIS follows an American grading sequence. In order to be eligible for admission, Nursery students will need to be 3 years old by September 1, Pre-Kindergarten children must be four years old by September 1, and so on through the grades. All prospective students will be required to sit for an admissions assessment as well as submit previous school records and a completed Confidential School Report from your child's current school prior to their acceptance to RVIS. In lieu of this testing, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children will be asked to participate in a readiness assessment session.


Contact Admissions Office

Riffa Views International School

P.O. Box 3050

Manama, Bahrain

Physical location: Building 407, Road 4303, Block Al-Mazrowiah 943, Riffa

The Admissions Office is open to parent inquiries from Sunday through Thursday, 0830-1500. Appointments for an information meeting and private tour of the campus may be made Sundays through Thursdays from 0830 and 1400 every day except Tuesdays. Please call 1656-5004 for an appointment.



Location: Main Administrative Offices

Department: Admissions

Title: Admissions Coordinator


Tel: (973) 1656-5000

Direct Tel: (973) 1656-5004

Fax: (973) 1791-0392

Office hours: Sunday through Thursday, 0830-1500

Admissions Policy
Admission Requirements
Applying to RVIS
RVIS Tuition & School Fees - 2016/2017
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Admissions Policy

General Criteria for Entry


In order to ensure a positive and  productive experience for all children enrolling in RVIS the following admissions criteria will be applied to all prospective applications:


  • The child's age, previous schooling, English language proficiency, and learning achievement will be taken into account. Reports from previous schools will be assessed as will any previous academic examinations taken.

  • Successful completion of the RVIS on-site admission screening process (admission test and prior records reviewed for students in Grades 1-12. An admission readiness assessment and prior records reviewed for students in Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten)

  • Acceptance depends upon admissions testing, previous work as shown by the report cards (where applicable), and the Confidential School Report from the previous school.



Admissions Priority


Special consideration will be given to applicants of families who own property and reside in Riffa Views Signature Estates and to employees of Arcapita Bank, as well as students who have brothers or sisters presently enrolled in RVIS. While these factors will assist the Admissions Committee in making their decision to offer a place, neither factor in and of itself, or in combination, will guarantee admission to RVIS.

Admission Requirements


Riffa Views International School is committed to the success of each student. For this reason, the admission team looks beyond the entrance exam scores. Although this is a vital part of the process, the team also takes into account academic history, developmental appropriateness, and confidential school reports, when making its decision.  This holistic approach allows RVIS to choose outstanding students that will grow and succeed during their tenure with the school.


Admissions Requirements: Early Childhood


Pre-Admission Readiness Assessment - Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten


The purpose of the readiness assessment in a classroom setting is to gain a more accurate picture of your child's developmental and educational needs and to ensure that our program meets the needs of your child.  Both Pre-K and Kindergarten children will participate in fine motor gross motor activities along with age appropriate content questions . We will be noting how each child interacts with the other children and separates from the parent. There may be additional activities based on what the observer is seeing at the time of the assessment.


RVIS reserves the right to review admission decisions in the first few weeks of regular attendance if it is determined that our program will not provide an appropriate educational environment for a given student.


Language Proficiency Entry Requirements - Pre-Kindergarten


Non-native English speaking students will be admitted to Pre-K without regard to their English language fluency. Once the academic year is in progress, students will be expected to demonstrate an acceptable level of fluency in English to be eligible candidates for admission. During the intake process, should language proficiency become an issue, the student in question will be tested to determine whether or not their level of fluency in English is acceptable for admission.


Admission Requirements: Grades 1 - 12


Admissions Testing

All Grades 1-12 students seeking admission to Riffa Views International School will be evaluated and tested before they are admitted. Parents will be notified of the date, time and venue of the testing date. The purpose of this evaluation is to obtain a more accurate picture of the student's academic skills and to screen for any learning disabilities.


After all of the necessary documents have been received by the school, the entry testing appointment will be scheduled once an available opening has been determined for immediate admission, or for entrance to the wait pool. While diagnostic testing is not done as a standard admissions procedure, it may be required by the school if our standard screening tests indicates significant academic difficulties.

Applying to RVIS



New Applications for Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten for 2016/2017 should be submitted as soon as possible. All Early Childhood assessments are scheduled for the month of April (PK and K) and May (Nursery). Individual assessments can be scheduled after this month. Our cut-off date for entrance into RVIS is September 1st. This means that all Pre-K children must be 4 years old prior to or by September 1st, and all Kindergarten children must be 5 years old prior to or by this same date. To gain entrance to the Nursery Program, children must be 3 years old by September 1st.


1. Application Packet

Send a completed application form and remaining documents (listed below,) to the Admissions Office or email them to You can find the application and other forms under "Download Application Forms" 


2. Decision on Eligibility

The Admissions Coordinator, in consultation with the respective principal and counselor, will decide if the applicant's file is to be provisionally accepted for testing.


3. Admissions Testing

If eligible to apply for admission to RVIS, parents will be contacted by telephone or email with a follow-up invitation to schedule a testing appointment for the child.


4. Notification of Decision

The parents will be notified by the Admissions Coordinator on the admissions decision.


Documents to be Submit

To submit a complete application packet, parents must provide the following information and documentation:


Completed Application for Admissions form. This form must be fully and accurately completed and signed by the parent or guardian. Please include all relevant information regarding disciplinary, social, physical, medical, or psychological problems.

-Copy of your child's passport showing nationality and date of birth


-Copy of child's CPR Card


-Copy of child's birth certificate


-1 Passport photo


-Copy of current report card or progress report, to date - this document is essential before an invitation for testing can be given


-Copies of the last three years of your child's previous school report cards (where applicable) including comments on academic and social progress and behavior - this document is essential before an invitation for testing can be given


-Copy of immunization records


-Copy of recent standardized testing (if taken/applicable)


-Related medical and educational psychologist's reports should be included with the application form (if applicable)


-**Completed Confidential School Report from current/previous school - this document is essential before an invitation for testing can be given and before the Admissions Committee meets


**As part of the application process, parents will be provided with a Confidential School Report form. Parents should complete the form at the top, sign it, and send it to their child's current school requesting the student's current teacher, school counselor or principal to complete the form. The Confidential School Report should be returned directly by mail in a sealed envelope to RVIS before the testing/interview appointment will be made. The form can also be scanned and sent as an email attachment to

You may download and print out the admission application forms. The admissions packet of forms depends on the grade for which your child is applying, either Nursery / Pre-K / Kindergarten, or Grades 1-12. These forms are in Adobe Acrobat (Pdf) format and you will need Acrobat Reader in order to download these materials.

RVIS Tuition & School Fees - 2016/2017


Application Fee


There is registration fee of BD 50 due at the time of the admissions exam; if it is in the form of a check it should be made payable to "Riffa Views International School."


For all other information click the link below 



Download Fees Schedule



Download Application & Forms


You may download and print out the admission application forms. The admissions packet of forms depends on the grade for which your child is applying, either Nursery / Pre-K / Kindergarten, or Grades 1-12. These forms are in Adobe Acrobat (Pdf) format and you will need Acrobat Reader in order to download these materials.


Initial Application Process

There is a non-refundable application fee of BD50 that is required at the time of the admissions exam. It does not need to be paid in advance of the admissions exam.